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City Wide Forms

  1. Mayor's Press Conference Appearance

    Mayor's Press Conference Appearance Request Form

  2. Request Form 2
  3. Request to the Mayor
  1. Privilege of the Floor Request Form

    Individuals or groups wishing to speak under Privilege of the Floor at a regular Council meeting shall submit a written request by... More…

  2. Request Form for Lima PD

Code Enforcement

  1. Property Maintenance Code Enforcement - Complaint Sheet

    Property Maintenance Code Enforcement - Complaint Sheet

Fire Department Forms

  1. Bonfire Permit

    Online form for bonfire permit

  2. Fire Department Tour Form
  1. Fire Department Incident Request Form

    Fire Department Incident Request Form

Human Resources

  1. Ambassador Application Form

    Ambassador Application Form, Volunteer Form

  1. Job Interest Form

    Job interest form, sign up for job postings, Job interest Card, Job notification, Civil Service Exam notification

Public Works Forms

  1. Adult 50 and Over Softball League
  2. Applicant Voluntary Affirmative Action Data

    Voluntary Affirmative Action Data

  3. City of Lima Website Survey

    The City of Lima is in the process of redesigning our website. As part of this effort, we would like to know how you use the City of... More…

  4. Geocache Placement Permit Application

    Stormwater jfm v1

  5. Report a Pothole

    jfm v1

  6. Report A Street Light Out

    jfm v1

  7. Stormwater Illicit Discharge Reporting Form

    jfm v1

  1. Adult Team Application Form

    Lima Parks & Recreation Division Application for Adult Teams

  2. Billing Policy Dispute Form

    Stormwater jfm v1

  3. Drainage Complaint Reporting Form

    jfm v1

  4. Impervious Area Evaluation Application Form

    Stormwater jfm v1

  5. Report a Railroad Complaint

    jfm v1

  6. Request a tour of Lincoln Park Train Exhibit

    Stormwater jfm v1

  7. Temporary/Seasonal Application - Full

    Temporary/Seasonal application information background education

Utilities Forms

  1. Citizen Request for Web and Notify Me Enhancements

    This form will be used to help us determine what enhancments to our Website the citizens of Lima would like. As well has what type of... More…

  2. Utilities Department Request Form

    This is a generic request form for the Utilities Department

  1. City of Lima 4-Hour CSO Notification

    City of Lima 4-Hour CSO Notification