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City of Lima Website Survey


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    1. City of Lima Website Survey

      The City of Lima is in the process of redesigning our website. As part of this effort, we would like to know how you use the City of Lima Website. The following survey is 20 questions long and will take approximately three minutes to complete. Please help us improve the website and make it more useful to you by telling us about your experiences with the site. Let's get started...

    2. How did you reach our site?

    3. How often do you visit our site?

    4. Did you find what you needed?

    5. Overall, how well does our website meet your needs?

    6. How easy is it to find information on our site?

    7. Did it take you more or less time than you expected to find what you were looking for on our website?

    8. How visually appealing is our website?

    9. How easy is it to understand the information on our website?

    10. How much do you trust the information on our website?

    11. How likely are you to refer a friend or colleague to the website?