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Category: Purchasing
Status: Closed
Bid Recipient: Scheer, Green & Burke Co., LPA



Notice for Request for Proposals

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City of Lima (hereinafter referred to as "City") is seeking proposals for purposes of performing collection services, and will be accepting formal bids to be submitted no later than November 16, 2017 by 10:00 a.m.   All proposals will be submitted via U.S. mail or contracted delivery service to:


Deborah Newland- Purchasing Manager

City of Lima – Auditor’s Office

50 Town Square, Lima, Ohio 45805


Proposals must be clearly identified and sent in a sealed package. It is the responsibility of the Responder to ensure timely delivery is made to the Purchasing Manager in the City of Lima.


Proposals must be valid for a period of 120 calendar days from the closing date and time for receipt of proposals. No proposal may be withdrawn after the submission date.


Each Responder must provide three hard copies and one electronic version of its proposal. One copy is to be clearly marked as “original” on the outside cover and contains an original signature.


The Responder’s proposal must not be marked as confidential or proprietary. The City may refuse to consider a proposal so marked. Information in proposals shall become public property and subject to disclosure laws. All proposals shall become the property of the City. The City reserves the right to make use of any information or ideas in the proposals.


By submitting a proposal, the Responder represents that it has thoroughly examined and become familiar with the work required under this RFP and that it is capable of providing and performing quality work to achieve the City objectives.


The City shall not, in any event, be liable for any pre-contractual expenses incurred by Responders in the preparation of their proposal.


Pre-contractual expenses are defined as expenses incurred by the Responder in:

  • Preparing its proposal in response to this RFP
  • Submitting that proposal to the City
  • Negotiating with the City any matter related to the Responder’s proposal
  • Any other expenses incurred by the Responder prior to the date of award and execution, if any of the agreement.


Each Responder must submit its proposal in strict accordance with all requirements of this RFP and compliance must be stated in the proposal. Deviations, clarifications, and/or exceptions must be clearly identified and listed separately as alternative items for the City’s consideration.


Each Responder is encouraged to be responsive to the requirements stated in this RFP. If, however, any Responder feels that it can offer substantial cost/benefit and/or performance advantages, the City of Lima will consider and may accept alternate proposals. Alternate proposals must specify how they deviate from the requirements and describe cost reduction or other benefits to be achieved.


Alternate proposals must meet or exceed the intent of the RFP’s Attachment A, and must be submitted as separate proposals clearly marked “alternate” on the outside cover.

After the closing date and time for receipt of proposals, evaluation and proposal clarification will commence.


Responders judged most responsive to the City’s requirements may be asked to give a presentation of their proposal including on-site demonstration to the City staff. Selected Responders should be prepared to make their presentation within five (5) calendar days after notification and be prepared to discuss all aspects of their proposals in detail, including technical questions regarding the proposal. No Responder shall be allowed to alter or amend its proposal through the use of the presentation process.


In the event the City deems it necessary to clarify or make any changes to this RFP, these changes shall be made in the form of a written addendum authorized and issued only by the City Purchasing Manager or authorized designee.


The City reserves the right to negotiate modifications with any Responder as necessary to serve the best interest of the City. Any proposal may be rejected if it is conditional, incomplete or deviates from specifications in this request. The City reserves the right to waive, at its discretion, any procedural irregularity, immaterial defects or other improprieties, which the City deems reasonably correctable or otherwise not warranting rejection of the proposal. Any waiver will not excuse a proponent from full compliance.


The work shall be done in compliance with the City's proposed contract language set forth in this Request for Proposals. Copies of the Request for Proposals are available from the City at the above- referenced address.


The general scope of work is to secure the services of a professional collection services agency to provide collection services and to facilitate payments on delinquent accounts owed to the City.

The City reserves the right to withdraw this Request for Proposals, reject or negotiate any and all proposals, and to waive any irregularity. In negotiating a final contract, the City may increase or decrease the scope of work including increasing or decreasing the work for any or all identified collection services tasks within the scope of work.


The City intends to award this contract to the firm that it considers will provide the best overall program services. The City reserves the right to accept other than the lowest priced offer based on the proposal that is in the best interest of the City and to reject any proposals that the City deems are not responsive to this request.

Publication Date/Time:
10/25/2017 12:00 AM
Publication Information:
Published in Lima News Nov. 1st and Nov. 8th, 2017
Closing Date/Time:
11/16/2017 10:00 AM
Submittal Information:
Bids to be submitted to the Purchasing Office before 10:00 AM on Thursday, Nov. 16, 2017
Bid Opening Information:
Thursday, November 16, 2017
Addendum Date/Time:
Nov. 3, 2017
Contact Person:
Director of Utilities Office
50 Town Square
Lima, Ohio 45801
(419) 998-5555
Fax (419) 221-5207
Download Available:
Plan & Spec Available:
Director of Utilities Office
50 Town Square
Lima, Ohio 45801
(419) 998-5555
Fax (419) 221-5207

City web page at

Business Hours:
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Fax Number:
(419) 221-5207
a. The Contractor shall have the ability to receive and/or send data transmissions electronically, including the internet that shall be compatible with the equipment used by the City when transmitting data to the Contactor.
Special Requirements:
The Contractor agrees to comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations.

The Contractor shall also adhere to all applicable U.S. Postal Service regulations.

Specifically, the Contractor agrees to comply with the provisions of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

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