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Income Taxes
Filing Date
The filing date is April 15th for all taxpayers except fiscal year accounts or taxpayers on federal extension.

If you filed for a Federal extension please submit a copy of that extension to our office on or before the April 15 deadline. Only current accounts will be granted an extension.

The income tax rate for the city of Lima is 1.5%.

80% of tax is due by January 31st following the tax year. The remaining 20% is due on the filing date of April 15th. Late payment may result in penalty and interest being applied.

Declaration of estimated taxes-this form is for taxpayers who are not withheld where they work, are self-employed, own rentals or are a corporate or partnership account. It allows you to estimate your tax liability for the current year and submit this estimate for input into our computer. Then, the computer can issue quarterly billings based on your estimate. Changes can be made to this estimate during the tax year by filling out the back of the quarterly billing (lq-1).

Contact Us
Chris Fast
Tax Supervisor
50 Town Square
Lima, OH 45801
Ph: (419) 221-5245

Karen B.
Tax Examiner
Ph: (419) 998-5570

Roxanne C.
Tax Research Specialist
Ph: (419) 998-5572

Becky B.
Account Clerk II
Ph: (419) 998-5574

Kim A.
Account Clerk I
Ph: (419) 998-5573

Kim M.
Account Clerk I
Ph: (419) 998-5571