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Intake Section, Mediations & Check Resolution Programs

Please do not report crimes to the prosecutor's office. Report them to your local law enforcement Agency.

Intake Section
The Intake section serves the citizens of the community by handling criminal misdemeanor complaints. Intake prosecutors or interns process the complaints and then make appropriate referrals. If you wish to file a complaint, you must appear in person at 109 N. Union Street, Lima, OH 45801.

Documentation To Bring with You To See the Prosecutor

  • Intake Form - If prepared prior to seeing the prosecutor. - DO NOT SIGN
  • Driver's License or Photo ID
  • Officer's business card with Incident/Report Number
  • Photographs of Injuries - If someone other than officer took photos
  • Hospital discharge documents or other related medical documentation of injuries
  • Medical bills
  • Photographs of Damages - If someone other than officer took photos
  • Estimates for Repair and/or replacement of damaged property
  • Witness Statement  from others who were present at the event
  • Victim Impact Statement - If you have a property damage crime
  • Cell Phone - If your case involved voice mail messages and/or text messages
  • Relevant letters, messages, and other written communications
  • Certified copy of protection order - if you are wanting to file a violation of that order
  • Stalking Log/Diary - if you are seeking a protection order or stalking charges
*Any of the above items may be emailed to the Intake Officer. Please include your name, address, telephone number and report number with your email.  Thank you.

The City Prosecutor's office does not dismiss charges solely upon your request. This doesn’t mean that they do not need your input, but it does mean that either the prosecutor or the judge will make the final decision about the case.

Mediation Program
Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process in which parties meet with a neutral third party mediator to discuss their issues. The mediator does not act as an attorney or judge and will not resolve your issues for you. The role of the mediator is to facilitate discussion directed at resolving the issues between the parties. If you are not sure if your dispute/issue is appropriate for mediation or you wish to participate in the mediation process, you may come to the Prosecutor’s Office at 109 N. Union Street, Lima, Ohio during the intake times listed above.

Check Resolution Program
This program facilitates check hearings between merchants and check writers whose checks have been returned for insufficient funds. These hearings attempt to resolve the situation without criminal charges being filed against the check writer. Our Bad Check Guidelines will need to be completed prior to filing criminal charges or using the check resolution program. 

Please do not report crimes to the prosecutor's office. Report them to your local law enforcement Agency.