Property Maintenance Code Enforcement

Responsibilities of Property Maintenance Code Inspectors

Property Maintenance Code Inspectors (PMCI) enforce city ordinances regarding the maintenance of existing structures by inspection and citation for violations. Dealing with weeds, trash and structural issues, over 11,000 inspections are made each year by city inspectors.

The city is divided into four enforcement areas, each with an assigned property maintenance inspector. Please see the Property Maintenance Q & A for more information on the enforcement process here Property Maintenance Q & A (PDF). Support of investor owners is evidenced by 10 "free" services (PDF) provided by the city or county.

Property Maintenance Code Inspectors (PMCI) also have the pleasure of awarding homeowners who maintain their properties in excellent condition with the Lima Pride Home Awards.

Helpful informational brochures are also available on varying subjects of interest to persons living within the City of Lima.