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Public Works Department ResponsibilitiesHoward Elstro

The Public Works Department of the City of Lima is charged with the most diverse range of responsibilities of any city department. The Public Works Department addresses the physical needs of the city including everything from snow plowing to issuance of taxi licenses. This department is comprised of four divisions: Engineering, Building, Streets and Parks, Recreation, and Forestry.

It is only through the resources and support granted by the taxpayers of Lima and the efforts of many dedicated employees that the department is able to provide the myriad of services that make this city an enjoyable, healthy community in which to live.



(RRGS) PROJECTElm Street Railroad Grade Separation Project

Construction is Underway!

The Bellefontaine Avenuenue / Elm Street / Calumet Avenuenue intersection serves as a main corridor into the Lima community and has a multitude of responsibilities:

  • Serves two State Routes (117 & 309)
  • Is a significant corridor for commerce along the east side of town
  • Provides safety access for Fire, Police, Ambulatory routes & Medical Care Providers
  • And is traveled by over 35,000 vehicles on any given day

To improve safe vehicular and pedestrian travel through this busy corridor, the City of Lima has begun the $13.8 million RRGS project which will enhance the operation, serviceability, safety and aesthetics of the area! A few design highlights for the project include:

  • 3,696 feet (0.70 miles) of new roadway, curbs and sidewalk
  • Improved drainage as a gravity sewer will provide an outlet to the Ottawa River
  • Lowering of Elm Street twenty feet to go under the I&O Railroad
  • Roadway improvements including landscaping, wide sidewalks between the parks and roadway lighting.

The Elm RRGS Project began in May, 2018 and has a target completion date of June, 2020. For the latest in construction projects and any business/traffic updates, please visit

**Project Update**

March 27 - Curb was poured this week and the roundabout is starting to take shape.  It is anticipated that the project will be completed by the end of June, 2020. 

ODOT provided this VIDEO as a useful tool for navigating a roundabout.


A draft copy of the City of Lima's American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plan can be found HERE

To comment on the ADA Transition plan, you may comment HERE


  1. Tree Rebate
  2. Adopt-A-Road
  3. Access Ohio 2040

City of Lima Tree Rebate Program

In conjunction with the Allen Soil and Water Conservation District, the City of Lima is promoting a Tree with yellow leavesnew program which encourages Lima residents to plant trees on their property. The City of Lima Tree Rebate Program is open to City of Lima residents and offers a 50% rebate to eligible participants. There is a limit of 2 rebates for newly planted trees per residential parcel, per calendar year. Eligible tree sizes are limited to 1.5" - 3" diameters and must be one of the sixty-nine approved tree species. 2018 marks the third year for the program as it launched in March and will carry thru November with reimbursement money available from the city's Stormwater Engineering Department

For more information, see their FLYER (PDF).


  1. Complete Streets
  2. Bike Lanes
  3. Bronze Medal


In May of 2016, the Lima City Council approved a resolution to support the Public Works Department in the design of pedestrian and vehicular safety. View a copy of the Resolution Supporting the City of Lima Complete Streets Policy (PDComplete StreetsF)

ODOTs Complete Street Guideline

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  2. 2018
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