Role of the Engineering Division

City Engineering

The City of Lima's Division of Engineering works with city departments, the administration, and the city council in the planning, review, management and inspection of Public Works' projects. With our staff engineers, the City of Lima has the unique capability to provide and coordinate the authorized engineering design services, capital improvement projects, and stormwater coordination. By providing civil engineering services to support the City's existing and future infrastructure, we strive to contribute to the benefit of the residents, property owners, business owners and visitors of the City of Lima.

Division Services

Services of the Division of Engineering include the oversight of the maintenance and construction of public streets, sidewalks, street lighting, traffic lights, parks and recreational areas, pedestrian bikeways and public facilities within the city limits. Other responsibilities include, but are not limited to, plan review, GIS mapping, surveying, flood plain research, and platting.

If you have questions or concerns regarding water or sanitary services, please visit our Utility Department.

  1. Ian, P.E., P.S. Kohli

    City Engineer

  2. Jim Morrisey

    Stormwater Manager

  3. Ross Vennekotter

    Civil Engineer II

Engineering Permits, Rebates & Standards

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Engineering Construction Permit

PermitsProjects located within the Lima city limits may require a permit. Permits shall be submitted to the City of Lima Building and Zoning Department.

Commercial Development Plan review requirements 

City of Lima Engineering Permit 

Flood Hazard Area Development Permit Application

Street Cut Bond/Utility Excavation Policy

View Bond Information 

Transporting Oversize/Overweight Permit

For transporting Oversize/Overweight Loads through the City of Lima.

View permit instructions.


Downtown Streetscape Phase I - Spring Street

The 100 block of East Spring Street will be reconstructed to incorporated complete street features that provide safety, comfort, and accessibility for all users. 

 Proposed renovations include:

  • Improved street lighting, including the ability for catenary lighting on the west half of the block
  • Addition of a midblock pedestrian crossing
  • Improved curb ramps and curb extensions
  • Improved storm water drainage
  • Planting of trees and shrubs
  • Street fair elements including removable bollards to be used in coordination with the Rotary Park and Amphitheater

Construction is anticipated to begin in spring of 2023 and be completed by late summer of 2023.

Please click here for reference only items regarding the bidding of this project.

ALL-Spencerville Road Sidewalks (PID 110277) 

The City of Lima, in conjunction with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) and the Lima Allen County Regional Planning Commission (LARPC), is proposing to improve facilities in the City of Lima by constructing approximately 1.9 miles of 5' wide sidewalk at the following locations: Location Map for ALL-Lima Spencerville Rd. Sidewalks Opens in new window

  • Cable Court, from Cable Road to Spencerville Road
  • Shawnee Road, from Cable Road to Spencerville Road
  • Spencerville Road, from Cable Court to North Shore Drive
  • North Shore Drive, from Spencerville Road to South Pierce Street

From South Cable Road to Park Drive (within Faurot Park), the proposed sidewalk will be located along the north side of Cable Court, Shawnee Road, Spencerville Road and North Shore Drive.  From Park Drive to South Pierce Street, the proposed sidewalk will be located on the south side of North Shore Drive. Improvements also include adding American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant ramps with curbs, replacing driveway aprons as needed and adding striping and signage throughout the corridor. 

The project will connect surrounding residential areas to businesses, parks, schools, churches, and community
centers, including Faurot Park, the Bradfield Community Center and the YMCA. Construction is scheduled to begin
in September 2022 and will take approximately 10 months to complete.

No right‐of‐way acquisition will be necessary, as the proposed project will be constructed entirely on City of Lima
property or within City of Lima right‐of‐way. No traffic detours will be required. Access to local roads, driveways,
and bike paths will be maintained during construction, with the exception of necessary brief closures as sidewalk
and driveway apron work is performed. Bus service will be maintained throughout the corridor during construction.
A portion of the proposed project is located within a regulated floodplain (Ottawa River). Impacts to this floodplain
are anticipated to be minor and will not result in a rise in localized flood levels. A Statement of Findings summarizing
the results of the floodplain analysis will be made available for review on ODOT’s website.

Sidewalk will be constructed within Faurot Park along Spencerville Road and North Shore Drive. No park amenities
will be altered or removed. No temporary or permanent adverse impacts or interference with the recreational
features of the park are anticipated. Sidewalk construction will be performed in a manner that maintains access to
roads, parking lots, and bike paths within Faurot Park. Access from Faurot Park to the Ottawa River Trail will be
maintained during construction. Event parking in the lawn area along Spencerville Road and North Shore Drive
within Faurot Park will be maintained during construction.

ALL-West Street Bridge (PID 115921)

The City of Lima, in partnership with the Ohio Department of Transportation, proposes to rehabilitate the West Street Bridge over the Ottawa River and reconstruct the southern intersection with Eureka Street/South Shore Drive. The project is expected to begin spring of 2024 and last through late fall of 2024. The estimated construction cost is $1,800,000.

This project will involve removal and replacement of the existing bridge deck and beams along with patching of portions of the remaining substructure. At the southern intersection with Eureka Street/South Shore Drive storm sewer improvements will be performed along with reconstruction of the curb line, construction of new curb ramps, and resurfacing of the pavement within the intersection. The length of improvements will extend approximately 475 feet.

Construction activities will result in temporary roadway closures. Vehicular through traffic will be detoured temporarily. Access for local traffic to all properties will be maintained throughout construction.

A portion of this work near Eureka Street/South Shore Drive will take place along the Rotary Riverwalk/Ottawa River Bikeway. The Rotary Riverwalk/Ottawa River Bikeway is designated as a public recreational property that is owned and maintained by the City of Lima. As a designated public recreational property, it is afforded protection under federal law. The use of federal funds requires measures to be developed to minimize harm and advance public notice be given of impacts to this recreational property. Construction activities will result in temporary closures to the Rotary Riverwalk/Ottawa River Bikeway. Pedestrian and bicycle traffic will be detoured temporarily.

Work along this route will occur in a regulated floodplain. Impacts to these floodplains are anticipated to be minor and result in no rise in localized flood levels. A statement of findings detailing the results of the final floodplain analysis will be made available on the City of Lima’s Engineering website:

Floodplain Statement for the West Street Bridge

Environmental Messages