Role of the Engineering Division

City Engineering

The City of Lima's Division of Engineering works with city departments, the administration, and the city council in the planning, review, management and inspection of Public Works' projects. With our staff engineers, the City of Lima has the unique capability to provide and coordinate the authorized engineering design services, capital improvement projects, and stormwater coordination. By providing civil engineering services to support the City's existing and future infrastructure, we strive to contribute to the benefit of the residents, property owners, business owners and visitors of the City of Lima.

Division Services

Services of the Division of Engineering include the oversight of the maintenance and construction of public streets, sidewalks, street lighting, traffic lights, parks and recreational areas, pedestrian bikeways and public facilities within the city limits. Other responsibilities include, but are not limited to, plan review, GIS mapping, surveying, flood plain research, and platting.

If you have questions or concerns regarding water or sanitary services, please visit our Utility Department.

  1. Kirk, P.E. Niemeyer

    City Engineer
    Phone: (419) 221-5288

  2. Eric, P.E. Bontrager

    Assistant City Engineer

  3. Jim Morrisey

    Stormwater Manager

Engineering Permits, Rebates & Standards

  1. Permits
  2. Standard Drawings
  3. Code & Ordinance
  4. Rebates

Engineering Construction Permit

PermitsProjects located within the Lima city limits may require a permit. Permits shall be submitted to the City of Lima Building and Zoning Department. 

View a copy of the Plan review requirements (PDF) .

View a copy of the City of Lima Engineering Permit (PDF) .

Street Cut Bond/Utility Excavation Policy

View Bond Information 

Transporting Oversize/Overweight Permit

For transporting Oversize/Overweight Loads through the City of Lima.

View permit instructions (PDF) .

Environmental Messages