Boards and Commissions


The City of Lima encourages and promotes involvement by residents in the decision-making process through participation in a variety of boards and commissions.

Serving on a board or commission can be a rewarding experience and an excellent way to contribute to the quality of life in the Lima community. The city relies greatly on the interest and involvement of those volunteers who seek a more active role in the functioning of their local government. Selection for appointment to one of our boards and commissions is generally based on the following characteristics:

  • A broad perspective and concern for the welfare and progress of Lima
  • A familiarity with the Lima’s history, issues and goals
  • Interest in the functions/responsibilities of the board or commission under consideration
  • City residency, in most cases
  • A willingness to devote time and effort to the work of said board or commission
  • Awareness of and understanding of the city’s ordinances and policies
  • Balanced and diverse representation on boards and commissions

Below is a brief summary of the boards and commissions to which the Mayor and City Council makes appointments.  The actual duties of and requirements for each board/commission are set forth in state laws, local ordinances, executive orders, or organization bylaws.

Board of Adjustment: This five member board, appointed by the Mayor adopts rules and regulations to carry into effect the city zoning code; and reviews, hears and decides appeals from decisions or determinations made by the Zoning Administrator. Members serve three year terms and must be city residents.

Board of Public Nuisance: This five member board, appointed by the Mayor hears and decides appeals from any order, requirement, determination, and decision of the Drug House Nuisance Administrator in the administration of the Drug House Nuisance Abatement Code.

Building Appeals Board: This five member board, appointed by the Mayor has the power to review applications of the City Building Code, reverse or modify the orders of the Building Commissioner, and adopt rules and procedures concerning the filing of appeals, the giving of notice, and the conduct of its hearings and operations as necessary to carry out its duties of administering the building code. Members serve five-years terms, and must be city residents.

Board of Electrical Examiners: The Board of Electrical Examiners consists of the electrical inspector and four members appointed by the Mayor. Appointed members shall include one union electrical contractor, one non-union electrical contractor, one union journeyman electrician, and one non-union journeyman electrician.  This board examines applicants for journeyman electrician's licenses to ascertain their practical knowledge of and competency in the performance of electrical work. Such examinations shall be in writing, with questions based on the current issue of the National Electrical Code, and completed examinations shall be filed for future reference. When possible, practical demonstrations of the applicant's ability may be called for by the Board. Except for the electrical inspector, this board shall serve as the Board of Appeals for all matters regulated by the National Electrical Code.

City Planning Commission: The City Planning Commission is responsible for planning the future development of the community, reviewing requests for rezoning, subdivisions, and other development proposals. The Mayor serves as Chair of the City Planning Commission and makes four appointments to this board.  Members serve six-year terms and must be city residents.

Civil Service Board - The Lima Civil Service Board is a three-member commission, appointed by the Mayor and City Council.  Each member serves a three year term, and must be a city resident.  The Civil Service Board is tasked with ensuring city compliance with Civil Service rules and regulations. The Board is responsible for administering entry-level and promotional examinations for civil service positions and also approves job descriptions and classifications. The Board is also responsible for holding hearings relating to disciplinary actions relating to classified personnel.

Recreation Board -  This five member board, three of whom shall be appointed by the Mayor and two of whom shall be appointed by the Board of Education of the Lima City School District acts on all matters pertaining to the administration of recreation activities on public property, including programs, the acquisition of new equipment and facilities, the supervision of playgrounds, play fields, gymnasiums, swimming pools and indoor recreation centers and the maintenance of swimming pools.  Members serve five year terms and do not have to be city residents.

The mission of the Lima Land Bank Committee is to serve the citizens of Lima by working collaboratively and transparently with community stakeholders to steward vacant, abandoned, and tax- delinquent properties and dispose of them to the best use as defined by the needs of the community to reduce community blight, stabilize neighborhoods, facilitate community civic, and commercial redevelopment, to increase community and overall City of Lima Property values while returning such properties back to the tax rolls.

Design Review Board – This seven member board maintains and enhances the distinctive and aesthetic character of the buildings, landmarks, and historic areas in downtown Lima; to safeguard the architectural integrity of the downtown Lima properties listed or eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places, and other historic resources within the district; seeks alternatives to demolition or incompatible alterations within downtown Lima prior to the performance of such acts; and encourages development activities that are compatible with and enhance the historic character of the properties within downtown Lima. The Mayor appoints three members of this board.  Experience in historic preservation, architecture, contracting, and historic property ownership is required for certain positions. Board members serve three year terms and must reside within the city limits.    

Stormwater Appeals Board: This board consists of three members, appointed by the Mayor to hear appeals filed by non-residential property owners appealing/requesting a variance from decisions of the Public Works Director in the calculation of the Equivalent Runoff Unit (ERU) multiple assigned to his/her property pursuant to storm water related ordinances.  

Traffic Commission: The Traffic Commission has the authority within the corporate limits of the City of Lima, to make and issue orders providing for the following:1) The number, type and location of traffic control devices and signs; 2) The regulation or prohibition of parking on streets, alleys, highways or public property, including Municipal parking lots, and the authority to regulate permit parking within such lots and establish rates therefor; 3)  The regulation of the right-of=way at intersections of streets and alleys; 4)  The regulation or prohibitions of turns at intersections; 5)  The creation, abolition and regulation of through streets and truck routes; 6)  The creation, abolition and regulation of pedestrian crosswalks and safety zones;7)  The creation, abolition and regulation of bus loading and unloading zones and business loading zones; 8)  The creation, abolition and regulation of traffic lanes and passing zones; 9)  The regulation of the direction of traffic on streets and alleys and the creation and abolition of one-way streets. Membership consists of seven members and includes; an officer of the Police Department, appointed by the Chief of Police; one member of Council, appointed by the President of Council; one member of the Division of Engineering, appointed by the Mayor; one attorney from the Department of law, appointed by the Director of Law; and three other persons appointed by the mayor.  The Chairperson of the Commission shall be appointed by the Mayor, and all members of the Commission appointed by the Mayor may be removed by the Mayor.

Urban Forest Council - Membership consists of ten members, one of whom shall be the City Forester.  The remaining nine shall be appointed by the Mayor with the approval of Council.  Two alternates shall be appointed by the Mayor upon the recommendation of the Urban Forest Council.  Alternates shall vote when regular members are absent. Technical advisors shall be asked to serve as deemed necessary by the Urban Forest Council. The State Urban Forester and State Service Forester for Allen County shall be technical advisors. Each member shall serve a two year term. The Urban Forest Council assists the City Forester in the development of a long range plan for street and park trees in the City; Assist the City Forester in the preparation of an annual report to the Mayor and Council,; Assist the City Forester in the preparation of a brochure to be made available to the public, containing information on planting trees within the City and in urban environments; Plan and carry out annual Arbor Day observances in the City.


The City of Lima is required to make appointments to boards and commissions listed on this application.  Please complete the online FORM and indicate the board(s) and/or commission(s) on which you are interested to serve.


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The Mayor and Lima City Council also makes appointments to community Boards and Commissions in Lima and Allen County.  These Boards and Commissions establish their own operating procedures and board member qualifications and are not governed by the City of Lima.

Below is a brief summary of the community boards and commissions to which the Mayor and City Council makes appointments. 

Allen County General Health District Board: The Mayor appoints two members to this seven-member board which governs the Lima /Allen County Health Department, adopts regulations and establishes programs to promote public health, for the prevention of diseases, and the abatement of nuisances. All appointments have five-year terms.

Allen Metropolitan Housing Authority: The Mayor appoints two members to this five-member board which governs local public housing and Section 8 programs, sets goals for the agency, and ensures compliance with state and federal laws/requirements.