2020 Census

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The decennial census is a cornerstone of our democracy, determining Congressional districts and driving key decisions made by government, business, nonprofits, and philanthropy. Due to a number of factors, including the shift to online data collection and the climate of fear among communities that are traditionally some of the hardest to count, the threat of an inaccurate census in 2020 is very real. When children, people of color, immigrants, low-income families, and other vulnerable populations are under-counted, they are effectively made invisible.

ECensus dollars spentnsuring a complete and accurate Census Count is important to our community. According to the US Census, Allen County was under-counted by 11,457 households for the 2010 Census. This under-count resulted in an estimated $515,402,200 in federal and state funding that DID NOT come to Allen County from 2010 – 2020.

A complete and accurate count for the 2020 Census could bring over $2.3 Billion in federal and state funding to the Lima / Allen County community. That amounts to $19, 800 per person over a 10-year period. 

To ensure a complete and accurate count, the Lima City Council and the Allen County Board of Commissioners issued resolutions earlier this year establishing the Lima / Allen County Complete Count Committee.  Lima Mayor David Berger and Allen County Commissioner Cory Noonan serve as co-chairs.  The committee is a panel of community leaders from across the county working to implement strategies that will support the 2020 Census at the local level by educating residents about the Census and encouraging them to participate. 

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